Fellowship Men’s Hair Workshop

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The Fellowship held their annual Men’s Hair Workshop recently at the Alan d Academy in London, working with nine keen delegates to perfect and build on their barbering and men’s hair skills.

The mentors leading the evening were industry experts Simon Webster from Simon Webster Hair, Alasdair Thomson from Karine Jackson Hair and Beauty, Gorka Arraras from Charles Worthington, Harps Bhogal from Headmasters and Ian Rotman from HOB Salons.

It was the first time I had ever mentored with the Fellowship, says Simon Webster, It was fantastic, and I felt proud to see the ever-enthusiastic delegates improve with my advice and tips!

Delegates had a range of existing skills, with most hoping to refine and perfect certain areas that needed a little extra work and attention. One or two even had no experience in men’s hair whatsoever who spent the evening building their skills from scratch.

Everyone did an amazing job, especially those who had never picked up a clipper in their lives! I was so impressed, and I feel as if I got as much out of it as they all did. I loved working with the group and making a difference to their skill set, says Simon.

Delegate Susan Macey from KJM Salons says,

I had the best evening! I don’t think I’ve learnt so much in a long time. Thank you to all of the mentors and the Fellowship!


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