Find the Perfect Brow Shape For You

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Do you struggle with achieving the perfect #onfleek eyebrow shape or do you like to try out new looks? Then we've got just the product for you...

The Fab Brows Duo Kit comes with six stencil shapes, so whatever your style, there's the perfect brow for you, and it couldn't be easier!

Simply choose from the six stencil shapes below to match the look desired, hold over the eyebrow and apply the powder using the applicator brush. With the specialist powder being smudge proof, sweat proof and water resistant, the Fab Brows Duo Brow is the ultimate tool for achieving perfectly shaped and coloured eyebrows with long-lasting results in just seconds!

Each kit includes two shades of eyebrow powder- great for creating an ombre brow, adding darker and lighter tones where it suits you. The kit also includes a professional applicator brush, all beautifully presented in a unique gold mirrored compact case. The kit is available in three different shade combos including; Light Brown/Medium Brown, Dark Brown/Chocolate and Slate/Black.

Fab Brows will donate £1 from each digital sale to support and give back to Women’s Cancer Research.

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