Flying the Black Flag in America

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At 134 years old, American Salon is the most respected publication brand in the professional beauty industry in America. And recently featuring within its pages was Nelson Brown’s Black Flag collection...

Nelson Brown - the driving force behind Browns, one of the fastest growing hair salons in Scotland - created a tasteful homage to punk hair with his new Black Flag collection.

“I wanted the hair to say punk, but in a delicate way,” says Brown. “The whole collection is controversial and big, but still has a sense of beauty and style.”

Brown is clearly on point with current editorial trends that are bursting with “new punk” culture. To give the hair an “anti-establishment” edge, the Vidal Sassoon-trained artist used a combination of texture dressing techniques.

“The trick with the shoot was to harness all these potent feelings, but to make them work in a gentle, harmonious way,” says Brown.

Looking at each style you can easily see the visual nod to punk aesthetics - be it androgyny, piercings, pops of tartan or metal-studded accessories. But, the hair is modernized - even romanticized - with lush textures and complex colors. - Andrea Dawn Clark, American Salon

As featured in American Salon magazine

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