French Nutritive Approach to Beauty

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CODAGE: A new generation of skincare rooted in the belief that true beauty involves proper nourishment of the skin.

Founded in 2010 by Julien and Amandine Azencott, brother and sister who grew up admiring their family, were actively involved in the field of medicine and the traditional French pharmacy, where beauty products were sold by trained professionals and were personalised to the needs of the customer.

Passionate about health and beauty from a very early age, they aspired to breathe new life into the art of taking care of one’s skin. Working with top talent from the French and International world of cosmetic science they have developed a range of products that contain precise amounts of the most targeted active ingredients to cater for every life-stage and skin need.

Our skin reflects moments of our lives, seasons, nights out, lifestyle, stress levels, hormones, etc. All these things influence how our skin behaves and because of this the skin needs very specific attention which can change from day-to-day.

CODAGE Paris focuses on a nutritive vision of beauty that goes beyond the aesthetic, to encompass health and well-being. This expertise, inherited from the traditional French pharmacy, is at the heart of the CODAGE philosophy.

CODAGE in French means code in English, and each CODAGE product is made to target specific skincare needs. Products are formulated and prepared by expert ‘formulators’ with safe and clean ingredients in their own CODAGE laboratory located in the South of France near Nice.

Serums: At the Heart of the CODAGE Expertise

At the heart of CODAGE skincare is a comprehensive range of serums, each of which responds to the skin’s nutritional needs in a targeted way, solving every skin issue. Each serum contains up to 70% pure active ingredients for maximum effectiveness.

Serums provide a very high concentration of active nutrients and have the ability to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Two or three drops of serum are enough to bring all the nutrients essential to the skin’s proper functioning to the heart of its cellular metabolism.

Nutri-Elements Principle and the Essence of CODAGE Formulations

Inspired by the periodic table of elements, each nutri-element is a cocktail of two to three active ingredients that work together synergistically. Tailor-made to specific skin needs, nutri-elements are dosed and assembled to form a unique ‘code’ which is clearly shown on the side of each serum.

A Simple Three Step Skincare Routine

To attain beautifully healthy and radiant skin CODAGE offers a three-stage ritual of thorough cleansing, deep moisturisation and protection.

01. Prepare - Start by cleansing twice a day morning and night to remove excess sebum and other impurities. Preparation is key, using CODAGE Micellar cleansing water and daily or weekly exfoliating treatment and/or one of the superb purifying or peeling masks.

02. Act - Beautiful skin results from nourishing at the deepest level. CODAGE has formulated light textured nutri-element serums which rapidly penetrate the skin, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate the deeper layers of the epidermis, bringing optimal nourishment to the skin. These dietary supplements for the skin have a high concentration of active nutri-ingredients, and the CODAGE wardrobe of serums will target your daily requirements, the serums can also be mixed and layered. There is a specific serum for every skin type, season and need from soothing to anti-redness and deep moisturisation.

03. Protect - Nourished and fortified by your specific CODAGE serum, the skin is now primed for your day or night cream - to seal and act as a ‘shield’ to the elements and maintain the optimal level of skin hydration.

CODAGE products are available from Fenwicks, Selfridges and other high end retailers, and online from

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