From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly

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Recently here at Tangles Hair & Beauty, Abbeyfeale we were approached by a potential new client who was interested in having her hair done, nothing unusual about that – it happens all the time I hear you say.

Well, this was something completely different. Pauline Sharp who has been living here in Co. Limerick since 2005 had nothing but disasters with previous hairdressers. Her main complaint was NO ONE LISTENED! She had gone to various salons armed with pictures of the hairstyle she wanted and walked out every time with what she termed as “disasters”. The cut looked nothing like the one she requested, and to be honest, they weren't difficult cuts. Poor Pauline was so fed up she had taken to flying back to England every six to eight weeks to return to the hairdresser she used in England when she was living there.

Pauline is an artist who specialises in Equine Art and holds many exhibitions of her work. It is important to her that when she is meeting the public and talking to them about her work that she looks good, as to look good means she feels good - and if she feels good she oozes confidence. As she makes her living from accepting commissions from people, she needs this confidence to secure the commissions. After all, would you ask anyone to do anything for you if they didn’t come across as confident in their subject? Added to this, Pauline sells a lot of her work online using websites such as Fine Art America and Saatchi, so she needed to look good in her profile pictures as well.

Pauline had heard about Maria Goad of TANGLES Hair and Beauty from a friend, and realising it was getting silly keep flying back to England to get her hair cut, she sat down with Maria and explained what had happened previously and exactly what type of cut she wanted. The first thing Maria told Pauline was that she wouldn't achieve the cut in just one visit – it would probably take 2 or 3 to achieve the look she wanted. As soon as Maria said this, Pauline said,

well, I admire your honesty and you’re not promising me something just to make me come to you. When can we start?

And that was the beginning of a journey to a new look....

Pauline returned to Maria every six to eight weeks, and each time she left she could see her hairstyle developing. The biggest problem was her hair was just too short to achieve the look, but Pauline was patient. Then on one visit Maria said,

Okay Pauline, next time you’re in we will do the colour and you will have the look you want.

So skin test done and the appointment booked, Pauline arrived for the colour. What happened was stunning, Pauline felt she had been transformed from a middle aged dowdy woman into someone full of life and fun.

During the months Maria had been doing Pauline’s hair she came to know that one of the things Pauline wanted was some photographs of herself for her profiles (very important in the art world), so Maria arranged a small photo shoot for her. Lisa Connell, the TANGLES Hair & Beauty Beautician, created the make-up (which needed to be subtle but effective) and Maria arranged for a local photographer to come in and do some photos.

I could go on telling you what happened but I will let the before and after pictures speak for themselves. We at TANGLES all agree she looks absolutely stunning!!

Hair by Maria Goad of TANGLES Hair & Beauty, Make up by Lisa Connell of TANGLES Hair & Beauty, Photos by Karen Playford.

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