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Widely recognised for her ground-breaking and forward thinking styling techniques, Lisa Farrall, founder of WIG London Hair Academy, was the natural choice for Fudge Professional and its new Anti-Ordinary campaign.

At Fudge Professional, we pride ourselves on being disruptive and anti-ordinary, and always doing the unexpected. We know that mousses are notoriously viewed within and beyond the industry as a very traditional, female-targeted styling product, and we wanted to challenge this status quo whilst underlining our brand heritage of men’s styling expertise. Androgyny is everywhere across fashion and beauty, but we wanted to be the first brand in professional hair to embrace it in the form of ‘reverse’ androgyny, by using a gorgeous male with feminine features as our campaign model. As always, Fudge Professional is pushing boundaries, both in terms of gender stereotypes and product performance. We believe that hair is hair and that the desire for it to look incredible is never limited by your gender, explains Emma Bate, Fudge Professional Brand Manager.

The new collection was created using Fudge Professional Xpander Foam (£12.95) – a new styling mousse that protects against heat damage and brings fantastic volume and shine to the end result, and Fudge Professional Clean Blonde Violet Tri-Blo (£12.95) – a pioneering violet toning blow-dry spray that neutralises yellow-orange tones in cool, clean blondes.

I have great synergy with the Fudge Professional ethos; the brief to push the gender stereotypes meant that the models were key for me. I wanted to work that anti-ordinary attitude and researched models who weren’t quite what they first looked like. To push boundaries I chose models that were profile figures rather than your regular agency models that you see on every catwalk. Our guy, Mateusz, is gorgeous; he’s a well-known singer and model from Poland with cheekbones and hair to ‘dye’ for! Our female model describes herself as a professional weirdo and is strong, dominate and powerful expressing strength and fearlessness.

Both models were prepped in advance using Fudge Professional Headpaint to give them a clean blonde finish. I wanted the colour to transcend everyday looks and have that look twice, show stopping trademark I’ve become known for. When you see them together you get the androgynous feel and then, when you see Mateusz on his own, that’s when you start to look again. This isn’t just another hair shoot; it’s an androgenic, anti-ordinary campaign. If it makes you think, then I’m happy, shares Lisa Farrall.

Credits: Hair: Lisa Farrall at wig London for Fudge Professional. Products: Fudge Professional. Make-up: Lauren Kay. Styling: AC Studio. Photography: Luke Nugent

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