Get Clean, Think Dirty

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What we put on our body is just as important as what we put in our body, but clean beauty is harder to navigate than you might think.

The 'Think Dirty' app was designed to give peace of mind showing consumers just how clean products actually are through a comprehensive rating giving detailed information on ingredients, certifications and health impacts. Rating potentially harmful ingredients in each product from 0 (the cleanest) to 10 (dirty ingredients), Think Dirty gives clean beauty a new level of measure.

If you are looking for a new brand of haircare that ticks all the 'clean' boxes, then pure organic and toxin-free, Innersense Organic Beauty has everything you want and nothing you don't. The Think Dirty app has rated every Innersense product a clean rating of 0 - showing Innersense is your go to product line for clean, organic beauty. Crafted from certified plant ingredients, Innersense is formulated to restore the hair's natural balance, leaving it healthy and full of body and shine!

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