ghd: Christmas’ Most Wanted

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Don’t let the party season take its toll on your hair. Indulge in guilt-free hairstyling with the ghd copper luxe collection for healthier, stronger, shinier hair and 50% less breakage.

Giving you the best styling results and proven to reduce hair breakage by over 50% and increase shine by 20%, be as bad as you like, but be good to your hair with our innovative ghd platinum® styler - available in black, white and new limited edition copper luxe.

01. ghd platinum® styler premium gift set, £175 - The innovative platinum styler in copper luxe, proven to reduce hair breakage by over 50% and increase shine by 20%. Includes: ghd platinum® styler, heat-resistant bag and two Nails Inc nail polishes.

02. ghd platinum® styler gift set, £165 - The innovative platinum styler available in black or white. Includes: ghd platinum® styler and heat-resistant bag.

03. ghd V® gold styler premium gift set, £135 - The smooth plates on the V gold styler make straightening on all hair types quick and easy, while the contoured edges help to create perfect curls and waves. Includes: ghd V® gold styler, heat-resistant bag and Nails Inc. nail polish.

04. ghd curve® wand premium gift set, £120 - For tousled curls, guilty of staying up all night, make this ghd wand your accomplice. Includes: ghd curve® creative curl wand, heat resistant bag and Nails Inc nail polish.

05. ghd curve® tong premium gift set, £120 - Smash and grab attention with voluminous curls, guilty of staying up all night. Includes: ghd curve® soft curl tong, heat resistant bag and Nails Inc nail polish.

06. ghd air® professional hairdryer, £99 - Be blown away with the salon-quality and precision of the ghd air® hairdryer.

07. ghd flight gift set, £49 - Fast drying on the run! This limited edition travel size hairdryer packs the styling power you can rely on in a lightweight and compact design. Includes: ghd flight limited edition travel hairdryer and protective bag.

08. ghd air® professional hairdryer & V gold styler gift set, £195 - The perfect double act for the Christmas party season. Includes: ghd air® professional hairdryer, ghd V® gold styler and heat-resistant mat.

09. ghd ultimate style gift set, £40 - Ensure hair is protected and ends are nourished with this combination of heat protect spray and finishing serum plus paddle brush. Includes: heat protect spray, smooth & finish serum and paddle brush.

10. ghd advanced split end therapy bauble, £15/50ml - This luxurious wonder treatment works instantly to fortify ends, leaving hair feeling sleek, smooth and super shiny.

ghd smooth & finish serum bauble, £15/50ml - Add instant shine and smoothness to straight styles, tame and define curls and waves or tackle flyaway hairs with this must-have moisturising serum.

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