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This year, ghd celebrates its 15th anniversary supporting breast cancer charities, which to date have helped raise over £10 million globally. With your support, ghd’s goal for this year is to raise a further £1 million with their latest ‘Ink on Pink’ collection.

To celebrate this momentous year, ghd have partnered with Chicago-based mastectomy tattoo artist, David Allen, who uses his signature floral tattoo creations to transform and build back self-esteem for women affected by breast cancer.

Now adorning the new ‘Ink on Pink’ collection, David’s iconic abstract floral artwork evokes a fierce sense of femininity, with his work becoming much more than a tattoo and instead a powerful statement of self-love and returned confidence, symbolising both life and rebirth.

The connection with ghd and this partnership makes sense. When I work with my clients, it takes time; we build back their confidence together and these incredible women open up to me. Much like that time you spend with your hairstylist, that intimacy and power of transformation is akin to one another. - David Allen

Capturing the beauty of the ink work and campaign itself, David Allen’s client Grace Lombardo, who worked with the tattoo artist following her own breast cancer treatment, is the latest face of the ghd pink campaign. For Grace and many of Allen’s clients, her mastectomy tattoo has allowed her to recapture the femininity that cancer began to steal away.

ghd Ink on Pink collection

The ‘Ink on Pink’ collection comprises of the award-winning ghd platinum+ and gold stylers, enveloped in a delicate shade of pink glistening hues and intricate floral designs by David Allen.

The ghd Ink of Pink collection is available to buy from the finest salons, premium retailers and

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