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Total ghd Style

New to ghd? Want to brush up on the basics? This no-nonsense course is for you. You’ll immerse yourself in all things ghd and explore the styling capabilities of our full family of professional styling products.

As well as becoming a total pro in the features and benefits of the entire ghd range (including game-changing ghd platinum styler, ghd air and ghd aura hairdryers, plus our must have range of curling tools, ghd curve), you’ll also learn the lingo to make retailing easy and gain on understanding of how to use our tools and techniques to bring trend-led looks to your clients.

You’ll also see demonstrations of the five fundamental ghd techniques:

  • ghd 90 and 180 degree ribbon curls using ghd stylers (on horizontal, vertical and diagonal sections)
  • The pre-blow technique with ghd aura
  • The two essential ghd curve wrapping techniques

ghd Leeds Academy – 15th May 2017

Curl Styling Secrets

Curls and waves are more in demand than ever and in this class you’ll learn how to use our ghd curve range to give your clients all of those textured looks they love.

Designed by our UK brand ambassador, Zoë Irwin, this seminar will guide you through every step of styling with tongs and wands, covering all of the tips, tricks and techniques you need for blissful beachy waves, big bouncy curls and everything in between.
The workshop will cover:

  • Understanding the ghd curve® range and choosing the right tool for the job
  • Wrapping and sectioning techniques to achieve the latest trends
  • Time-saving methods to improve your service offering and boost your return on investment

Edinburgh with Anton Alexander – 14th May 2017
Newcastle with Anton Alexander – 22nd May 2017

Styler Sessions

It’s at the heart of our product range, and in this session you’ll learn how to get more out of your much-loved ghd styler. We’ll show you how to maximise results to create new looks and how to really perfect those techniques that you use time and again.
Designed by the global education team, this seminar will also cover essential knowledge of the ghd styler range – including the incredible new ghd platinum – to give you endless styling opportunities on the salon floor and leave you fully equipped to transform your client offering.

The workshop will cover:

  • Understanding the ghd styler family
  • Choosing the right styler for the desired look
  • Sectioning and styler movements to achieve the latest trends
  • Time-saving methods to improve your service offering and return on investment

ghd London Studio  – 2nd May 2017
Edinburgh  –16th May 2017

Blow-dry Masterclass

Blow-dries are back and have never been bigger or more in-demand for clients of all ages. Knowing the right trend-led techniques will take your blow-dries from blah to beautiful and bring them bang up to date for a whole new audience.

Designed by ghd UK brand ambassador – and the media’s ‘queen of blow-drying’ Zoe Irwin, this session teaches tricks and techniques, including:

  • Trend-led blow-dries to shape the hair
  • The intricacies of how to set and heat-seal a finished style
  • How to blow-out hairlines
  • How to give your blow-dry the longevity that clients demand

Edinburgh with Anton Alexander – 15th May 2017
Newcastle with Anton Alexander –21st May 2017

Foundation to Fashion: Braiding

Braids are BIG business – from festival-friendly fishtails to sleek red carpet styles. To create those Instagram-worthy looks, first of all you need to master the basics; which is where we step in.
In this seminar, we’ll look at the intricate world of braiding and help you upgrade your technique and attention to detail, so you can master this hair art form. You’ll also learn the trends and history behind different types of braids so you can show off your knowledge as well as your styling skills.

The session covers:

  • How to create new shapes with fundamental techniques
  • How to experiment with textures
  • How to incorporate braiding into your day-to-day styling

ghd London Studio  – 22nd May 2017

Bridal Styling Session

If you’re bored of the same old wedding styles, this is the session for you. This sell-out seminar will allow your salon to capitalise on the ever-lucrative bridal business, with gorgeous styles that will make any bride fall in love with your styling skills – from your existing clients who want to work with someone they know and trust on their big day, to new clients looking for an expert.

Covering both contemporary and classic bridal styling, this workshop will teach:

  • Techniques to give you the confidence you need to create and design your own beautiful bridal hair
  • The fundamentals of bridal styling, including using hair pieces
  • The prep and dressing techniques you need to create basic styles and the skills to personalise those looks so they suit both your bride and her wedding gown

Cardiff – 8th May 2017
Newcastle – 23rd May 2017

To book your place on one of ghd’s courses, contact 0845 3301133 (UK) or +44 (0)1924 423400 (ROI)

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