Give Your Client’s Hair Some TLC with AQUIS Hair Towels & Turbans

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Your Hair Needs Tender Care – Just Like Your Heart and Hands

Hair is never so vulnerable and prone to damage than when it’s wet and that’s why using the AQUIS Hair Towel or Hair Turban provides first aid for hair – limiting breakage, helping to prevent colour fade, fighting frizz, cutting drying time in half, aiding styling and ensuring blow-dries last longer.

AQUIS Hair Towels and Turbans provide a tremendous retail opportunity for salons. When clients use the AQUIS Hair Towel or Hair Turban at home they will see the difference it makes, and on their next visit to the salon, hair is primed ready for the next service or treatment. The ultra absorbent AQUIS Hair Towels and Hair Turbans are woven from a unique moisture defying fibre, which was developed in a Korean lab - called Aquitex. The AQUIS Hair Towels and Hair Turbans wicks water away from the hair rather than absorbing it, releasing it into the air. The woven structure of the Hair Towel and Hair Turban leads to faster drying time, meaning hair reaches a damp level quicker, where it starts to regain its strength.

Towel drying hair is something that everyone tends to take for granted, but hair has a little dark secret. The Keratin inside the core of each strand of hair has a terrible thirst, and the longer it stays wet the more it stretches and absorbs water. This results in hair loosing much of its natural elasticity; therefore it’s important to remove the excess water from hair quickly, and to do it in a way that doesn’t damage the hair - that’s where the AQUIS Hair Towel or Hair Turban comes in.

Salons provide clients with a first class service and excellent results, which could be ruined when the client returns home and resumes their normal haircare routine - using a cotton towel to dry their hair, raising the cuticle and making it vulnerable to dryness, dandruff, thinning, breakage and discolouration.

Using an AQUIS Hair Towel or Hair Turban to gently towel dry hair helps…

  • Restore its natural shine, volume and body
  • Gets rid of frizz
  • Makes drying and styling hair so much quicker and easier
  • Helps prevent colour fade
  • Curls are more defined and shinier

My curls had so much definition and shine. I loved that I could wear the towel for the beginning of my commute and not have wet hair on my neck.

I use it to style my natural curl and wave. I use the towel to start the style, when I used a towel in the past it was more just to stop the dripping. I always had to blow dry a bit too. Now, with AQUIS Hair Towels and Hair Turbans, I can get the drippy water out and my curls can air-dry.

AQUIS Hair Towels and Hair Turbans are the perfect salon retail product and come in formats to suit all hair lengths and types. Available in packs of three and with a choice of two colours, Ivory White or Stormy Sky, which is ideal for coloured hair.

Lisse Luxe Hair Towel - The Lisse Luxe Hair Towel is ideal for all hair types especially curly, fine, ageing or prone to damage with a generous size of 50 x 107cm. (RRP £30.00)

Lisse Luxe Long Hair Towel - The Lisse Luxe Long Hair Towel is 25% longer to help deal gently with long hair that’s also delicate. An ideal towel for long hair that’s curly, fine, ageing or prone to damage, and an extra long size of 50 x 133cm. (RRP £35.00)

Lisse Luxe Hair Turban - Designed for fine, delicate and/or thinning hair, and for all hair lengths. Minimise frizz and damage – all hands free. (RRP £30.00)

AQUIS Hair Towels and Turbans are available from Aspirational Solutions Call; 07711990465 or email; [email protected]

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