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GL Tapes SLIM: Luxury, Flexible, Ultra-thin Extensions


This summer, there’s a new arrival to the hair extension scene, with GL Tapes SLIM.

Great Lengths are proud to introduce their new range which has been designed for instant transformations that guarantee total comfort. The new ultra-thin and flexible GL Tapes SLIM contain a thickness of 0.55mm which is half the size of the classic GL Tapes and an updated adhesive strip for extra grip and better performance.

New GL Tapes SLIM

The innovative extensions transform your look in as little as one hour and are the perfect solution for the time conscious client as they are ideal for quick-fixes and occasion hair. The GL Tapes SLIM can be worn for up to 6-8 weeks with appropriate care and maintenance and can be reused up to three times when removed by a professional stylist.

GL Tapes SLIM use only the purest of 100% human hair, which is ethically sourced and expertly blended to create over 90 shades of extensions. The GL Tapes are available in four sizes in natural shades (10”, 14”, 18”, 22”), rooted and piano shades (16”) and fashion colours (16”).

Improved Adhesive

The new GL Tapes SLIM contain a hypoallergenic and comfortable adhesive strip, perfect for those with sensitive skin. And the upper side of the tape is now sealed to prevent haircare products and water affecting the inner structure of the tape.

The New Blister and FSC Packaging

Great Lengths continue to look towards a sustainable future and have swapped their plastic blister for one made from 80% recycled PET.

The new GL Tapes SLIM are available in an adapted version of the GL pouch, which is 100% recyclable and crafted from FSC certified paper which supports responsible management of the world’s rainforests. 

For Great Lengths certified salons and stylists, the GL Tapes SLIM are available in a minimum of one pack (five tape applications). 

Interested in becoming a Great Lengths certified stylist?  Please email: [email protected] or call +44 (0) 113 278 1292 to speak to the team.