Glow this Summer with Trilogy

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Treat yourself and your skin this summer with the gift of glowing and hydrated skin without the need to wear makeup with Trilogy’s trending and lightweight Booster Treatments (£31.50 each).

Trilogy’s Vitamin C Booster Treatment

An intense brightening booster which is a blend of hyaluronic acid, daisy extract, aloe vera juice, rosehip, and mandarin oils that evens skin tones and banishes dullness, giving you effortless glowing skin this summer without the need for additional makeup. It’s an essential to help reduce your holiday packing and letting your skin breathe in the heat and giving you confidence in your own skin.

Trilogy’s Hyaluronic Acid+ Booster Treatment

It’s so important to maintain skin hydration and support your skin’s barrier throughout the summer. Formulated with plant derived hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, aloe vera and more, this lightweight concentrate plumps and quenches skin thirst. It leaves your skin looking healthier and refreshed.

P.S. For best results, use them day and night consecutively for two weeks!

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