Go Above and Beyond with OSiS+ MADE TO GO HIGHER

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Schwarzkopf Professional takes hair to dizzying heights with the launch of OSiS+ MADE TO GO HIGHER: a new range of mousses that allow hairdressers and clients alike to create durably beautiful, bespoke volume looks!

Schwarzkopf Professional’s leading styling brand has upgraded their product portfolio with three high performing, state-of-the-art mousses that cater for every type of volume look - from naturally flowing to massive lift!

Global Styling Ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional, Richard Ashforth, knows that,

Volume is a great way to make a statement, whether minimal and smooth, natural and free-flowing or something bigger and bolder. The OSiS+ MADE TO GO HIGHER product range delivers volume in every form, to suit every possible taste!

OSiS+ MADE TO GO HIGHER the line-up:
  • OSiS+ Grip (200ml £10.95/ €11.65) - An extreme hold mousse, perfect for creating massive volume and glamorous high-hold looks.
  • OSiS+ Fab Foam (200ml £10.95/ €11.65) - A classic hold mousse for texturised results, ideal for beach volume looks.
  • OSiS+ Topped Up (200ml £10.95/ €11.65) - A gentle hold mousse excellent at creating natural-looking, free-flowing volume looks.

OSiS+ MADE TO GO HIGHER look inspiration and tutorials are now available to watch on the official Schwarzkopf Professional website and YouTube channel.

Follow Schwarzkopf Professional on social media via @schwarzkopfprouk and keep up with OSiS+ via the #madetocreate / #madetogohigher hashtags.

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