Goodbye Yellow!

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It’s time to say hello to clear, bright blonde as Schwarzkopf Professional launch new brand, GOODBYE YELLOW.

With the trend of cool, ice blonde hair showing no sign of slowing down, Schwarzkopf Professional understand how important it is for both hairdressers and clients alike to achieve and maintain a true, clear blonde.

Everyday environmental factors, sun exposure, or not so everyday factors - the pool or sea water, can strip hair of the beautiful cool tones applied in-salon. Instead, hair can become brassy, as underlying natural warm and yellow tones start to show through, but don’t worry… it’s time to say GOODBYE YELLOW and hello clear, bright blonde.

GOODBYE YELLOW is Schwarzkopf Professional’s first highly-pigmented, neutralising shampoo. Free from SLS/SLES sulfates, GOODBYE YELLOW provides gentle cleansing and anti-yellow action with an instant tonal deposit that counteracts and neutralises underlying warm tones.

GOODBYE YELLOW Technical Insights

The specially developed pigment combination of purple and blue direct dyes within GOODBYE YELLOW has been formulated to neutralise unwanted yellow undertones, whilst gently cleansing the hair. The formulation, with a pH level of 4.5, quickly adheres to the hair for maximum neutralisation and beautiful cool blonde results.

  • For hairdressers, GOODBYE YELLOW provides simple and quick in-salon toning services with pigmented care; ideal for neutralising, pre-toning or colour corrections.
  • For clients, GOODBYE YELLOW delivers the perfect solution for at-home blonde maintenance and refreshing cool blonde looks in-between salon visits.
GOODBYE YELLOW In-Salon Services

Hairdressers can now expand their in-salon blonde service offering, thanks to Schwarzkopf Professional’s toning no toner concept and four cooler than cool blonde looks.

  1. #COOLBLONDE: For a fresh and clear cool blonde look, the Cool Blonde Service will help hairdressers create the perfect balance between root and mid-lengths and ends after any pre-lightening service.
  2. #NEUTRALBLONDE: Keep balayage and freehand looks clean, and combat unwanted banding with the Neutral Blonde Service, ideal for ensuring an even progression of colour and true tonal quality.
  3. #DADDYCOOL: For a masculine look with metallic definition, the Daddy Cool Service has been designed for men to quickly refresh and refine, with cool blonde reflections.
  4. #GRANNYGREY: Achieve the latest cool blonde INSTAtrend with the Granny Grey Service, lighter-based blondes can enjoy super cool, on-trend slate grey tones.

With all services, GOODBYE YELLOW is applied at the backwash as a neutralising, anti-yellow wash for lightened hair. To continue the intense neutralisation results at home, clients can use GOODBYE YELLOW to quickly neutralise any stubborn yellow undertones, maintaining a true, cool blonde look in-between salon visits.

Further product information can also be found on the Schwarzkopf Professional website. Remember to follow Schwarzkopf Professional on social media via @schwarzkopfprouk and keep up with GOODBYE YELLOW via the #GOODBYEYELLOW and specific look hashtags.

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