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This summer, it’s time to take your hair on a Greynaissance! We spoke to Tracy Hayes, Fudge Professional Queen of Colour, to see what it’s all about...

From streets to catwalk, strong grey and silver looks are everywhere. Whether you’re faking it or owning it, this look allows the individual to embrace silver hair without the prejudice of ageism. This look rocks for anyone regardless of age and all fashion identities from hipster street looks right through to elegant, chic older women.

There are different types of greys too, from the ultra clean white silvers, lilac greys, and then those working towards the deeper graphite grey. Plus, with summer and festival months upon us, expect to see the lighter silver greys with the option of playing around with pastel tones coming out.

You can tap into this trend by asking your salon colourist for a clean bleach and they’ll follow with a toner for that Greynaissance effect. The Fudge Professional Headpaint range includes a new Clean Blonde Speed+ bleach and toners to ensure endless mixes.

Aftercare and maintenance are key for this look. To keep the brassy tones at bay, use the Fudge Professional Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Shampoo and Conditioner. You also need to be prepared to keep your roots up-to-date and refresh the toners!

The unique Opti-Plex conditioning technology and the max-strength violet micro-pigments in the shampoo and conditioner work overtime to reverse damage and erase yellow tones - and all in the comfort and ease of the shower!

Fudge Professional Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Shampoo and Conditioner, RRP £14.95 each. Available from Fudge Professional salons, and online at,,,,,,

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