Hair and Barber Council Call for Regulation to Support Recovery of Industry

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The Hair and Barber Council is today calling for the Government to introduce mandatory regulation of hairdressers, barbers and the beauty sector to help the industry emerge from the coronavirus pandemic stronger and more resilient.

At present, hairdressers and barbers can operate without any guarantee of training and standards. With physical and social distancing likely to remain in place for some time, it is vital that hairdressers and barbers continue to operate to the highest standards whilst delivering an essential service to consumers. Mandatory regulation will increase consumer trust and ensure compliance with any social distancing measures that are put in place. Keith Conniford, Registrar of the Hair and Barber Council, said:

Before COVID-19 hit, the hairdressing, barbering and beauty sector employed over 337,000 people in more than 49,000 businesses across the UK. To help these businesses survive this turbulent time, we are calling on the Government to recognise the high standards and professionalism of our hairdressers and barbers, and to offer more protection to consumers by supporting mandatory state registration.

The Hair and Barber Council is developing a ‘Back To Work Plan’ for the sector, working in close partnership with the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (BABTAC). The Hair and Barber Council has welcomed the initiatives announced by the Chancellor of Exchequer to ease the negative impact of the coronavirus on businesses and the self-employed but has called for urgent clarification on how hairdressers and barbers can make full use of these interventions.

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