Hair Colour Specialist Daniel Galvin OBE Joins Good Salon Guide

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We’re excited to announce that Daniel Galvin OBE has joined Good Salon Guide and will contribute to our Hair Doctor advice page as colour specialist on the Good Salon Guide website.

The Galvin name has been synonymous with hairdressing for over a century. Daniel’s grandfather and father were both hairdressers and whilst Daniel was still at school, he spent his Saturdays sweeping the floors and hanging up the towels at his father’s London salon. Daniel’s late brother, Joshua, also carried on the tradition and his three children, Daniel Jnr., James and Louise, all follow in their father’s footsteps.

Daniel started in the industry over 50 years ago when he first became fascinated by hair colour and its power to transform the way we look. This was the era of swinging London and Vidal Sassoon was revolutionising the world of hair cutting. Daniel decided to make it his mission to do the same for hair colour.

Very few people in those days coloured their hair and if they did, it was simply to cover up grey. The idea of a hairdresser specialising in colour was totally unheard of.

Renowned stylists Vidal Sassoon and Leonard Lewis invited Daniel to work at their respective salons and Daniel elected Leonard because he had a bespoke hair colouring department. Here he helped launch the career of model Twiggy by transforming her into a pale blonde using a new highlighting system he’d invented called ‘brickwork’. This technique is now used by colourists worldwide.

Daniel looks forward to answering your hair colour questions, so if you need some advice from one of the industry greats, simply fill in the form on our Ask The Hair Doctor page.

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