HOB Salons Create New Style Based On Tomb Raider Heroine

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As one of the biggest selling games of 2013, the return of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider has already had a considerable impact on the gaming world. But now the ‘Lara effect’ is making its mark in hair salons across the UK with HOB Salons being the go to salon for recreating the in demand hairstyle.

Released in March of this year, the new Tomb Raider game is an origin story portraying a young Lara Croft on her very first adventure. This more realistic looking Lara has now become a surprise style icon and award-winning hairdressing group, HOB Salons, have unveiled ‘The Lara’ – a hairstyle based on the iconic videogame character.

Claire Atkinson, HOB Salons’ Expert Stylist and Creative Team member said,

The new Lara Croft has featured heavily on advertising all across London, most notably on the buses, and we saw that her style has become much more natural, with that signature ponytail barely containing her gorgeous, brunette locks. Clearly she's made quite an impact as we've had customers asking us in the salons to replicate the Lara look, especially with the looseness of this ponytail being a perfect style for the festival season.

This attainable look provided the inspiration for HOB Salons to create the special cut, supported by a plethora of customer requests. HOB are now rolling out ‘The Lara’ to all 24 of their salons, complete with instructions to their stylists explaining how to create the hairstyle to service any clients inspired by Lara Croft.

Claire added,

A lot of people draw inspiration from fictional characters, but we think this is definitely the first time we've ever produced a style based on a computer game character.

The Tomb Raider reboot is the fastest-selling game in the franchise to date, developed by Crystal Dynamics, written by Rhianna Pratchett and featuring True Blood’s Camilla Luddington as Lara Croft, the title's reinvention of one of gaming's most iconic characters has won widespread critical acclaim.

How to create ‘The Lara’

Wash your hair, after apply Alterna Bamboo weightless mousse and dry in. Repeat with mousse if needed to make hair more pliable.
Section off the front shorter area and gather remaining mane into a ponytail.
Secure ponytail with a hair band.
Start to work visually to create Lara’s look.
Apply hairspray to hands and squeeze into front shorter area to 'rough it up' 
Finish overall look with a professional hairspray such as Sebastian Shaper Fierce for hold. 

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