Hooloovoo Hair to hold exclusive ladies event in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer

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Hooloovoo hair salon in Pottergate, Norwich, is holding another of its occasional series of events.  This time, the event will be an exclusive, professional ladies event to be held on 22nd March in aid of Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

The event is aimed at busy ladies who, in a high pressure world, simply can’t find the time or have forgotten they are special and need to treat themselves.  The event will give ideas and tips that can help guests rediscover themselves and provide them with new skills and advice on how to look and feel great.  There is a lot of pressure on women to look immaculate at all times in this hectic world, but sometimes we don’t always feel our best and can forget to look after ourselves and make that extra effort.  If you feel good inside and know how to maximise your potential, you’ll feel more confident both at work and socially.  Hooloovoo has gathered together a few lovely friends who will provide guests with tips and advice, and demonstrate some skills for you to take away with you whilst at the same time, helping this great charity!

Hooloovoo wants to show guests how they can maintain a salon finish at home via a three-part demonstration:

1.  Starting at the backwash, Jade and Emily will offer advice and show guests how to prepare their hair, using the philosophy that a well-prepared canvas is easier to work with.

2.  Next, Layla, Becky and Tara will provide blow-drying master classes, showing what can be achieved when using the correct brushes and products.  By passing on some of their trade secrets and cheats, guests will be able to maintain that salon look at home.

3.  Finally, Kate, Lucy and Rachel will demonstrate the different uses of heated tools to achieve unique, easy-to-manage looks.  They’ll also offer one-to-one lessons on how to achieve that professional look at home.

The Hooloovoo team look forward to seeing you there!

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