Hot Summer Sun Inside and Out In Shanagolden Youthreach Centre

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Youthreach Shanagolden Hairdressing students of 2016 had a super days training compliments of James O’Dwyer, Top Colourist with the Hugh Campbell Group, this week. It was vibrant, hot and full of colour, colour, colour.

James brought his unique style of delivery to Youthreach Shanagolden and the students were transported into the world of colour blocking, creativity and imagination. Sunshine colours radiant in yellows, burnt oranges and sassy reds sat alongside the moody tones of raven blue and marvellous magenta, both trickled with a drizzle of purple rain.

This colourist is a master of his trade with the skill and expertise of his craft and a style of delivery that would just make you want to get up and get colouring, even if you weren’t a hairdresser! James has promised to revisit the centre sometime again in 2017 to spread some more colour and style!

You will find James in Melo Yelo, Shannon St. Tuesday – Saturday. Call to book on 314 553 or pop in for a chat.

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