I Love My Hair Photo Shoot with MK

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MK Hair Studio & Academy’s (MKhsa) reception recently received a phone call from a lady in distress. Asking specifically for MK, the lady required his expert advice as she was experiencing bad breakage in the temporal area and wanted her hair ‘cut off.’

Without hesitation and seeing a great opportunity, MK went straight to the phone. He said of the conversation,

I'm thinking long hair cut off, it sounds almost orgasmic to me! I feel a few styles coming on here. I speak to the lady; she seems scared but certain of the change as it’s a must in her eyes. She asked when she can come to the salon. I said don't worry about that, do you have this Monday? 'Yes' she said; great ill pick you up first thing Monday morning, let's do a photo shoot. You get your hair cut sooner than expected plus we'll have a fantastic day, I'll call my make-up artist, you bring a bunch of clothes and we'll try out a few things! She was practically screaming down the phone with excitement and I was buzzing off her vibe, I knew it was going to be a good shoot!

On the day of the photo shoot MK picked up the lady and took her to his photographer Andy Lynch's studio in South Yorkshire. MK had his back up make-up artist Maria, assistant to Jennifer Lenard his No.1 make-up artist. Both Andy Lynch and Jennifer Lenard have been a part of MK's successes and in his entering the hall of fame.

Speaking of the photo shoot MK said,

The day began with all clothes being laid out that the model had so we could pair them up with the appropriate hairstyle! She said thank God I liked them!! I had told her if the clothes where not good then it would be naked shots! We all had a fun day with laughter all round, maybe due to not having the usual pressure of 3-5 models in one day!

MK created a total of three looks where he used the same parting but changed the hair length with each new style.

Hair: MK. Photography: Andy Lynch

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