IGORA Royal Absolutes Silverwhite

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Now silver is worth its weight in gold: Schwarzkopf Professional enables ladies with mature, untreated hair to enhance their natural silver shade. IGORA Royal Absolutes Silverwhite features a range of pure silver shades, setting trends and offering mature hair the care it needs.

IGORA Royal Absolutes Silverwhite emphasises the beauty of your client’s natural hair colour, and quickly perfects a personal shade of silver. Turn yellow, matte hair into a silky, shining silver, which lasts for up to 25 washes.

Schwarzkopf Professional also offers its customers two different in-salon treatments: The quick, ten-minute application enhances the natural shade of white for a soft and delicate result with a subtle silver sheen, combining colour enhancement with a separate, additional care treatment. For customers who want an even softer end result, silver can be added to a Tonal Refiner which reduces the intensity of the shade and gives a soft, silver sheen in just 20 minutes.

Schwarzkopf Professional's unique application technology enables customers to fit these short, yet productive beauty treatments into their everyday lives: The IGORA Royal Absolutes Silverwhite Signature Brush gently works the products into the hair for a natural and multi-faceted result.

IGORA Royal Absolutes Silverwhite is available in four different shades: Silver, Dove Grey, Slate Grey and Grey Lilac. The transparent effect brings out the natural silver sheen, and grows out virtually seamlessly at the hairline. At the same time, the siliamine and collagen complex builds up the hair, restoring its youthful freshness.

The two treatments are supplemented by the IGORA Royal Absolutes Silverwhite Brightening Spray, which freshens up the look between the two treatments, brightens untreated, white hair in no time, and removes yellow hues from the hair. The non-oxidizing formula with Vitamin C neutralises the grey and perfects natural hair within a 30-minute intensive application. The express treatment can be completed in just 15 minutes.

Schwarzkopf Professional is expanding its IGORA Royal Absolutes product line with IGORA Royal Absolutes Silverwhite, positioning itself as an expert in optimizing un-dyed natural hair.

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