IGORA ROYAL Highlifts: Lift and Protect With the Coolest High-lifting Shades Yet

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Blondes just want to have fun – but without damaging their hair in the process. With new IGORA ROYAL Highlifts from Schwarzkopf Professional, hairdressers can lift blondes to cool tones while minimising hair breakage. In fact, IGORA ROYAL Highlifts are the first high-lifting colours to come with the Fibre Bond Technology already integrated into the colour crème, for the strongest blonde results ever.

Icy, nearly-white tones are making an appearance on the catwalk, on the beach and on the street. In light of this, Schwarzkopf Professional has developed new ultra cool pigment combinations for the new IGORA ROYAL Highlifts, which create stunning silvery blonde tones - goodbye bleach and brassy highlights. The next big thing is silver balayage and babylights achieved by high-lifting. High-lifting is a soft lightening service developed for clients who want to go blonde without bleaching, it lightens and tones hair and is gentler than bleach. Armed with IGORA ROYAL Highlifts, hairdressers can give their clients the coolest blonde shades yet, but in the gentlest way possible!

The IGORA ROYAL Highlifts are so versatile that hairdressers can offer exclusive tailored services for all blonde enthusiasts wanting to go blonder – even first-timers. Create depth and drama with striking confident block colour, go softer with subtle veils of colour, or make the light dance with all-over multi-tonal blonde looks.

And, because the new IGORA ROYAL Highlifts has the fortifying power of Schwarzkopf Professional’s FIBREPLEX Bond Booster N°1 already built in, the bonds in the hair are protected during the lifting process – making this the ultimate blonde in-salon service. In healthy hair, bonds, which interlink the inner hair fibres, work to stabilise the inner hair structure. During any oxidative process, these bonds become vulnerable and often break, meaning that the hair loses its inner stability. FIBREPLEX N°1, which is infused with Fibre Bond Technology, interlinks with the hair fibres to enforce strong structural bonds, minimising hair breakage and maintaining the hair’s inner strength during the lifting process.

To continue the care, the new IGORA ROYAL Highlifts range has been developed for use with FIBREPLEX N°2 and N°3 for hair and colour protection. The intensive FIBREPLEX Bond Sealer N°2, for in-salon use, creates new bonds by creating links between the hair fibrils and rebuilding the inner stability of the hair. It also works to seal the hair cuticle resulting in healthy, shiny hair. FIBREPLEX Shampoo and FIBREPLEX Bond Maintainer N°3 , can be used at home to maintain the replenished hair structure and provide protection against further damage, for example from blow-drying and combing.

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