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Dedicated to Empowering Colourists, Schwarzkopf Professional has revamped their flagship colour brand, IGORA ROYAL; Showcasing a New-Look Streamlined Portfolio with the Same Trusted High-Performing Formula.

In 1960, the world welcomed Schwarzkopf Professional's eternally popular IGORA ROYAL colour brand. Fast-forward to 2021 – after over 60 years of standard-setting innovation – IGORA ROYAL continues to be the expert name synonymous with colour.

Tried and trusted by millions of colourists around the world – thanks to high-performing, reliable products backed-up by relevant education and salon services – IGORA ROYAL is undergoing a complete restage that will officially hit markets from April 2021. This brings the popular brand into a new decade with modernised, sustainable packaging and simplified range assortments; all using the same trusted high-performing formula.


Schwarzkopf Professional truly supports colourists, which is why their brands, such as IGORA ROYAL, create an empowering circle of mutual trust for professional partners to learn and grow. IGORA ROYAL's restage continues to fuel creativity and confidence, with a campaign centred around the colourist:

  • Be Curious. Be Mellow.
  • Be Bold. Be Safe. Be Neat.
  • Be Blue. Be Pink. Be Punk.
  • Be Old. Be Young. Be You.
  • Be the best you can be.
  • Be the Colourist you want to be.
  • Because everything you need is already inside.


This concept offers an encouraging reminder that everything needed to be the best is already inside every colourist; it is inside IGORA ROYAL as a trusted colour partner, and it is also inside every individual.

The IGORA ROYAL restage takes colour inspiration, consultation, and education to the next level and re-establishes a new standard in colour, paving the way forward for any colourist to achieve their desired level of colour mastery through:

  • State-of-the-art product performance
  • Easy, clear, and reliable solutions for all colour challenges, from classic to fashion
  • Trend expertise and inspiration
  • Technical excellence and unmatched education
  • Maximising colour service potential

Schwarzkopf Professional understands that colour is the backbone of business for hairdressers and salons around the world, yet it is also the most demanding service offering, taking up precious time and requiring a range of skills. IGORA ROYAL's new streamlined portfolio is designed to simplify and improve these challenges with a whole new world of reliable colour creativity and the same high-performing, trusted formula:

  • True-to-tuft colour results
  • Reliable, even, and luminous colour results
  • Innovative fashion shades with up to 70% coverage
  • Natural shades with 100% coverage
  • Utmost reliability of colour performance
  • Ultimate colour retention
  • Holistic portfolio to perform every colour service
IGORA ROYAL: The Portfolio

The extensive IGORA ROYAL portfolio has been condensed down from 13 ranges to five, creating intuitive sub-groups totalling 143 different shades – all featuring a brand-new logo and front-of-pack performance seals per subrange:


The iconic red block packaging remains for the core line, with a sharpened assortment of IGORA ROYAL's Fashion Lines being absorbed into the assortment (IGORA #RoyalTakeOver Dusted Rouge, Dishevelled Nudes, Lucid Nocturnes; IGORA ROYAL Opulescence; IGORA ROYAL Pearlescence; IGORA ROYAL Nude Tones; IGORA ROYAL Earthy Clay & Ashy Cedar, IGORA ROYAL Muted Desert). This creates a more harmonised offering, covering aspirational yet commercial colour trends, that is incredibly easy to navigate.

IGORA ROYAL Technical Lines

The dedicated technical lines will remain in standalone packaging – to clearly highlight the different technical usage – but with updated and modernised range colours on the box that respect the known range identifiers for easy product selection:


In time, the new design will also be rolled out to other products in the IGORA family, including: IGORA COLOR10, IGORA VARIO BLOND and the IGORA ROYAL Developers.

IGORA ROYAL: Sustainability

As a driver in sustainability, Schwarzkopf Professional have cut no corners when it comes to the redesign of the IGORA ROYAL lines as they strive "to do more with less", when it comes to their global footprint. Each of the new colour lines uses the following materials:

  • Tube – 100% recycled aluminium - That's 350 tonnes of new virgin aluminium saved per year.
  • Cap – 100% recycled plastic - That's 80 tonnes of virgin plastic saved per year.
  • Folding Box – 92% min. recycled carton - That's 340 tonnes of new virgin paper saved per year.
IGORA ROYAL: Looks and Education

To support Schwarzkopf Professional hairdressers, a range of more innovative technical support materials are available, including new salons tools, technical and inspiration materials, modernized colour charts as well as an updated House of Color App Salons can speak to their Schwarzkopf Professional representative for more information.

On social media these will be complemented by Live Sessions with interviews, tips, and tricks straight from the experts, alongside a wealth of inspiration. Plus, an exciting competition is set to launch from May, where the hairdressing community are invited to share their very own IGORA ROYAL colour creations with Schwarzkopf Professional; the winner will be selected by Californian Colour-Trendsetter, Linh Phan (@bescene) with prize(s) to be confirmed.

Explore the full relaunch details, product information, looks and more on the Schwarzkopf Professional website: www.schwarzkopf-professional.co.uk– do not forget to keep up with the latest news, trends, and competition details via @schwarzkopfprouk on Instagram and the #BeIGORA / #IGORAROYAL hashtags.

The new IGORA ROYAL portfolio will be available from May 2021.

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