Indola Launches New & Improved Care & Styling Over the Counter Range

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Famed for its #SimplySmarter approach, Indola continues to innovate with the relaunch of its new and improved care and styling range. Designed to jump off the shelf – and straight into your kitbag – the concise range contains everything a stylist on the go needs; and nothing you don’t.

In keeping with the refreshed range, Indola’s packaging has also received a modern makeover with a bold, bright design that looks as good in those salon selfies as it does on the shelf. The new-look line-up is also made with up to 50% recycled materials, for a more sustainable approach.

Known for its compact, hard-working, and concise assortment, Indola’s refreshed care and styling range is now tailormade to mix and match. Perfect for bespoke solutions for every client’s individual needs, as well as expressing your creativity with endless innovative combinations.

The new redesigned care and styling range from Indola is very exciting. With its energetic, bright new packaging and the tweaks to the formulas you have endless possibilities at your fingertips. The smart technology in the products now really enhances the quality, ensuring that you can stay on top of offering your clients the best hair care possible. - Indola's Global Ambassador, Andy Smith

With a concise, flexible approach to styling, the range is perfect for every job – whether it’s clients or events. Here Andy shares his top five hero products and why they’re in his kit bag for every job…

  1. I love the Thermal Protector spray. For me, this is a key product, with styling nowadays involving the use of so much more heat, it’s vital to ensure that we’re protecting the client’s hair.
  2. I don’t think I could live without the Volume and Blow Dry Spray. I regularly use this to layer up before blow-drying and styling, it gives the hair a nice grip and texture and is not sticky.
  3. Most likely my favourite must be the Flexible Hairspray. This hairspray is perfect for being able to layer up hairspray, brush it out and re-layer it without any residue.
  4. The Salt Spray is also a great product to either prep the hair to give it a bit more grip or use it to work into the hair which gives it an undone or broken feel.
  5. Finally, the Glamourous Oil Gloss. I love this as it’s perfect for when you need something to weigh the hair down and break into the edges.

Indola’s NEW and improved care & styling over the counter range is available now from your nearest wholesaler. For more information about Indola visit

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