INNOVA: Latest Street Style Looks As Easy As 1, 2, 3

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Nothing stays the same and in our business that counts double, so new Indola 2.0 sees the birth of a modern, dynamic, agile and responsive brand that marries the power of digital media with street style.

Because smart is in their DNA, they have designed everything the independent hairdresser needs for smarter looks with smarter products. So, get ready to meet their new range.

Listening to hairdressers

They know the only way to stay relevant - and indispensible - is to continually listen to their hairdressers, to understand what they want and need – then give it to them. This is what they’ve been telling them:

  • Hair quality is key for fabulous colour ‘around 80% of my clients have coloured hair and the most important thing for them is the colour result and this starts with great hair quality’
  • Customized care ‘… 3 steps is my daily ritual. I mix and match different ranges to create the right solution for each client’
  • Less is definitely more ‘In the backwash, I have 3-4 types of shampoo and 3-4 conditioners/mask. This is all I need to cover my clients’ needs’
  • The look determines everything, ‘I give a consultation on-the-go and select care and styling products based on a look’
Devising the perfect response

As the smartest brand in the professional block, Indola has created an exciting new range that delivers what our hairdressers need every single day, from the ability to create trending street styles and flawless hair quality to tapping into professional inspiration and key influencers. This is how it breaks down:

  1. Smart Three Steps – the streamlined range of 31 products has been designed as a flexible system, so hairdressers can mix and match through three steps - wash, care, style – giving an almost limitless choice of care services and end looks.
  2. Smart Pixel Technology – harnesses breakthrough science in every step to optimise salon-fabulous colour.
  3. Smart Looks via NFC Technology – this leading-edge, microchip wireless technology is embedded in a selection of hero styling products to give hairdressers instant smart phone access to a continually updated stream of professional inspiration, information, tips and tutorials.
Introducing the NEW indola OTC range

Indola have taken real hairdresser insights, a new smart concept, breakthrough science and technology, plus upgraded formulas with new ingredients, and brought it all together into their brand new OTC range that will meet and exceed every hairdresser’s daily need.

Each features standout new designs with clear step coding and range benefit patterns, for quick and simple navigation in the busy working life of the salon. So hairdressers can customise even more unique services to each client from a concise assortment.

But they are not finished yet, because to get the most out of every product Indola believe in injecting unlimited inspiration as a springboard for our hairdressers’ creativity. Simply by tapping a smart phone over the NFC microchips in every one of our new products gives instant access to step-by-step guides on how to recreate the latest street style looks. From start to finish, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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