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Achieving longer and fuller lashes without falsies or extensions may seem too good to be true, but if you want lengthier lashes that are the real deal let us introduce you to the new lash serum on the beauty block – Instant Effects Instant Lash.

Instant Effects Lash Serum vows to break the ‘fake’ beauty game giving women the chance to grow their lashes and brows permanently by up to 50% in just 14 days. The ingenious oxygen infused formula works to stimulate nutrient levels in the medulla – thus causing an instant increase in lash and brow plumping by 20% in just two minutes.

As the plumping is a result of the very core of the lash, the lash plumps evenly without any abnormal swelling. The cuticles remain closed maintaining the lash integrity, strength, health and shine. Active ingredient Pentapeptide-17 combined with a microcirculation activator stimulates growth of the individual hair shaft increasing both the thickness and length long term.

The clear serum, which is applied before mascara, works to instantly plump lashes, repair damage, deliver lash nutrients and boost growth. Simply apply to your lashes and brows morning and evening.

Independent clinical trials show:

  • 20% thicker lashes in just two minutes
  • 20% longer lashes in just 14 days
  • 50% thicker lashes in just 14 days

Instant Effects Instant Lash: £24.99 available from and Fortnum & Masons.

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