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Introducing Atelier by Aveda


Aveda premiers Atelier by Aveda - a video magazine on YouTube showcasing Aveda’s global trend setting artistry!

Aveda, the high-performance hair care brand with a mission of care, announces the launch of its new video series, Atelier by Aveda. The digital magazine, launched on the brand’s YouTube channel, takes us around the globe with Aveda Artistry showcasing new trends and giving a look behind the scenes of Aveda Artistry.

Broken out into five distinct sections, viewers gain insider access to some of the most exciting hair moments and artists working with Aveda. The series is hosted by Aveda’s Global Artistic Team, consisting of Global Director Janell Geason, Makeup Artist Renée Gadar, Global Director Texture and Colour Ian Michael Black, and Global Director Hair Cutting Ricardo Dinis.

Woven throughout the series is Aveda’s brand mission and dedication to environmental leadership. Directly speaking to the brands point of view and commitments is Barbara De Laere, Global Brand President of Aveda.

Kicking off at New York Fashion Week, Aveda Guest Artist and Spoke + Weal Salon owner, Jon Reyman and Aveda’s Global Artistic Director Makeup, Janell Geason reveals the trends emerging backstage. The Aveda team of artists backstage give a candid look into what it means to be working at fashion week in this high energy environment. Aveda fashion week partners Monse, Naeem Khan, Angel Chang, and Chiara Boni are all highlighted.

In the second portion, Ian Michael Black, Aveda’s Global Artistic Director Colour, and Ricardo Dinis Global Artistic Director Hair Cutting, give an insider expert look into colour transformation and the trend of blonding. Diving into the unique hair care needed for dramatic colour updates and answering top questions from consumers and artists on colour transformation hair care. Using Botanical Repair, Ian shows us how to keep hair healthy strong without compromising the desired colour. In the segment Ian explains the science behind blonding and Botanical Repair.

Heading over to Sydney, Australia we meet Aveda artist Nathan Yazbek, Australia’s NSW Hairdresser of the Year 2022 and Yazbek Salon owner. Nathan invites the cameras into his salon where he answers rapid fire questions, giving the viewer insight into what it means to be an award-winning artist and salon owner.

Moving into holiday, Aveda Global Artistic Director Styling, Bea Carmichael, shares festive styling looks on three different models with varying length and hair type. Cosying up in the UK’s Gina Conway Salon, Bea demonstrates and integrates the Aveda x Phillip Lim collection scarf into one of the looks, sharing ways to style the exclusive collaboration piece and showcasing the beautiful gift sets.

To end, we hear from Aveda’s first ever guest artist collaboration with world renowned artists and IHA’s International Artistic Team of the year, X-presion. Formed by three young entrepreneurs from Madrid, Marco Antonio Restrepo, Jorge Cáncer and Jose Luis Almendral, X-presion is known for developing cutting edge techniques through a mix of different artistic disciplines, material, and concepts. Their first collection for Aveda, Graphic Organic, celebrates their signature graphic style while incorporating shapes and patterns from nature. Having previously worked closely with the brand and Aveda’s Senior Vice President of Artistry, Antoinette Beenders, the collection delivers an Aveda-exclusive technique designed to inspire and educate. The trio views hair like a canvas, and with Aveda’s full spectrum vegan, customizable hair colour they highlight the line’s unlimited tonal customization using their own vision. In this special series we see how Aveda Artist, Heggy Gonzalez translates the technique into colour and vibrancy, taking it to a whole new level of wearable art.

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