Introducing Malibu C and its Packets of Purity

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Get to know the extraordinary science and story behind Malibu C; the vitamin-infused product range from California that promises healthy hair and skin for every client.

For Malibu C founders, Tom and Deb Porter, beauty and wellness are one and the same. Living in California, inspiration for their happy, healthy beauty products wasn’t hard to find; strong, shiny hair and supple, glowing skin are as common in Malibu as sunny days and celebrity sightings – more than a trend, it’s a way of life.

Long before natural beauty products became a trend, Tom and Deb were pioneers of wellness solutions based in science, rather than hyperbole. In fact, they were the first company to develop and market antioxidant beauty products with Vitamins C and E for external use.

Today, the Malibu C collection of patented salon and at-home treatments - each packed with a unique formulation of freshly activated vitamins, phyto-nutrients and key botanicals - are essentials for stylists and salons around the globe. At the heart of the range are ‘packets of purity’ including Crystal Gel, the first and best-selling product. With a patented blend of antioxidant vitamin crystals, it naturally cleanses and primes the hair in preparation for technical services which deliver brilliant results. As Tom says,

It’s not about what we put on your hair, it’s about what we take off your hair.

Founder Tom believes that, “everyone showering in water needs to use Malibu C” – and that’s because what’s in your shower water is often the culprit of many common issues for the hair, scalp and skin. Hard water is packed with minerals and chemicals that wreak havoc on clients and causes issues for professional salon services: colour fade, poor coverage, brassy blondes, ashy hues, flat or lacklustre lengths and results that just don’t last.

Malibu C’s products are designed to act as a spring clean ahead of your services, safely and naturally removing unwanted minerals and oxidisers from the hair to prepare the hair and guarantee results that are even, lasting and precisely what you expected. It’s no wonder iconic Sassoon colourist, Annie Humphreys, won’t colour hair without it.

Introducing Malibu C Hair Wellness Remedies:

Crystal Gel - The original, this priming gel prepares hair for any chemical service. This secret weapon eliminates build-up and colour blockers to guarantee superior results.

Color Prepare - Make transformations more vibrant and true-to-life than ever before with this gel, which preps hair for unprecedented colour absorption, coverage and retention.

CPR - Color Pigment Reducer removes up to three levels of unwanted permanent oxidative colour pigment and helps preserve the integrity of the hair.

DDL - Direct Dye Lifter removes unwanted direct dyes and can be used creatively too, giving colourists full control to remove colour just as quickly as it’s applied.

Hard Water - Naturally remove hard water deposits and impurities from the hair to leave it softer, shinier, full of movement and perfectly primed for further treatments.

Malibu Blondes - This celebrity favourite intensifies results on natural, bleached and highlighted blondes, taking colour from ashy, dull and brassy to dazzlingly bold and beautiful.

Quick Fix - This easy-fix solution is the first step to transformations, removing both undesirable colour and colour blockers, while hydrating and restoring the quality of the hair.

Swimmers - Transform water-damaged hair (from pools, spas or the sea!) from damaged and discoloured back to prime condition with softness, vibrancy and shine.

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