Introducing milk_shake Smoothies Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

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Italian professional hair care brand, milk_shake use only the freshest ingredients for their products. Each active ingredient is carefully selected for its long-lasting effect on the hair’s health and appearance, leaving it manageable, vibrant and radiant.

The delicious-smelling new ‘Smoothies’ range offers 41 mixable tone on tone colours in a conditioning, ammonia-free cream that gives brilliance and vitality to hair colour. Fruit, milk, organic honey and cocoa extracts characterize each tonal series and maximize hydration, with equivalent natural fragrances for a delicious colour experience.

Giving light to a natural base; intense, bright and natural colour contrasts; grey coverage up to 75%; tone or shades to discoloured or blonde hair, Smoothies is an easy-to-maintain colour with a fast processing time of just 5-30 minutes.

The ingredients:

Milk proteins have a supplementary and conditioning effect on the hair-structure, they increase its volume and elasticity and repair damaged hair.

Organic honey has a conditioning and emollient effect, it gives shine to the hair, is protective, regenerating and vitamin-enriched, with antioxidant and elasticising properties.

Integrity 41* is a complex antioxidant which ensures the durability in time of the colour. It protects and repairs natural and coloured hair against UV radiations and harsh shampoos.

Organic sunflower oil has excellent protective and regenerating qualities, thanks to its composition reach in vitamin A, C and E. It makes hair soft and silky, and ensures hydration and nourishment to the hair fibres by protecting against the damage caused by ageing. This wonder ingredient also has emollient and smoothing properties.

Amino acid complex helps to reinforce hair making it more elastic, easy to comb and to style. It protects against the damages caused by ageing, prevents hair from breaking, reduces frizzy hair and electrostatic effect and increases brightness of hair.

Papaya, strawberry, blueberry and cocoa glycolic extracts have vitamin, emollient and antioxidant properties. They have an anti-inflammatory, revitalizing and soothing action.

Six tonal series:

The violet series
Key ingredient and fragrance: Blueberry extract.
With a mineralizing action and rich in vitamins, blueberry extract characterises the violet series. Berry fragrance.

The chocolate series
Key ingredient and fragrance: Cocoa seeds extract.
With a nourishing and moisturising action, cocoa leaves hair soft and bright and has strong anti-aging properties. Delicious chocolate fragrance.

The red series
Key ingredient and fragrance: Strawberry extract.
With a mineralizing, emollient and revitalising action, strawberry extracts and fragrance embody the red series.

The copper series
Key ingredient and fragrance: Papaya extract.
With a strong emollient action and rich in vitamins, the orange cream colour and tropical fruits fragrance characterize the copper series.

The gold series
Key ingredient and fragrance: Organic Honey extract.
Conditioning action increases the hair’s brightness and handling whilst relaxing and protecting the skin. Honey fragrance.

The natural series
Key ingredient and fragrance: Milk proteins.
Has a highly integrative and conditioning action on the hair structure. The white colour and the sweet milk fragrance characterize the natural series.

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