Introducing Reuzel: Holland’s Finest Pomade

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This month sees the UK launch of Reuzel, brainchild of Schorem, the cult 12-chair Rotterdam barbershop that has amassed half a million Facebook fans and a daily queue outside its doors. The growing line of must-have men’s products includes the iconic tins of Grease and Pomade (available in three sizes, Hog, Pig and Piglet), Hair Tonic, Grooming Tonic and the Scandle (a candle in the signature tin).

Founded by Leen Bergmann and Bertus Jan Rietveld, the Scumbag Barbers collective are committed to their mission to provide nothing but the very best pomps, quiffs, flat tops, fades and razor shaves on the planet. Two posters, ‘Barbershop Classics’ and ‘Signature Haircuts’, hang in the shop, displaying a total of 22 haircuts.

If it’s not on one of the posters, you’re in the wrong place, says Bertus. Men don’t want to go through books with models that look nothing like them, with the perfect abs and jaw lines and bleached fringes. That shit’s not real life. They want to point at the wall, sit down and not have to worry about the end result. When guys come to Schorem, they know they’re going to leave with a perfect haircut.

With men flocking from far and wide to get a Schorem cut, the shop sees a long queue from first thing in the morning. The barbers decide a cut off point and send everyone beyond that home; the lucky remaining few are entertained with shots of Jack Daniels and beers while they wait their turn in the hallowed chairs. The collective also educates, with their Scumbash events looking more like gigs as fellow barbers greet them like heroes.

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