Introducing The Woman Behind the Brand of Tara Rose Salon Abu Dhabi

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Tara Rose Kidd established Tara Rose Salon because she’d never really found her place to work in. It was the safe space for her and her team to create something unique; a place that matched the vision and values they shared and a space where both clients and staff are equally focused upon. This first branch opened in 2015 in a villa in Khalifa City A in Abu Dhabi UAE.

Having worked with some of the leading names in the hair and beauty industry across London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Tara was no stranger to hard work. With her name as the brand, she found she had to push herself to come forward and show the face behind the brand so that everyone would understand who Tara Rose Salon was and where they were going. Tara quickly found that as a business leader, it’s important to surround herself with the right people and project a clear vision of who she is and where she is going.

“Being an effective communicator to my team is key to being an effective leader because it allows them to align more clearly with you and come alongside you for the journey. I really believe that the whole process isn’t a solo effort but a team effort.”

Within two years, she opened a second branch in Abu Dhabi, and another branch just two years after that. With three branches by 2021, she’d already turned her sights towards her passion: education. Pursuant to her passion for education and growing her team, she launched the Tara Rose Academy in the same year. Her main goal since has been to be a mentor to her team and coach them towards management and artistic development.

“I think that education is central, and not only in terms of career or skill perspective but also education for a mindset perspective, which is what we believe and is the ethos of our whole brand.”

As the brand continues to grow and expand into new territory with salons and education opportunities in Dubai, Tara’s role as the leader and business director has shifted to focusing on these new opportunities as well. Her primary focus right now is to create opportunities for the business to experience new growth and for my team to be able to grow as well, particularly with education.

She shares, “In pushing the business forward, I can do this because I have built such a fabulous team over the years. We're more than just a team of hairdressers, we're a team built of front-of-house specialists, beauty specialists, and our head office staff, who all work seamlessly so that I can purely focus on seeking opportunities, and when they come up, go after them. I believe that to be the best, you need to work with the best.”

Tara continues to be one of the regions’ top educators and is also part of the Art Team with Schwarzkopf. As well, she continues to act as managing director of the Abu Dhabi and Dubai salons and is continually growing her brand, with plans for further expansion in Dubai later in 2023.

Search for the Tara Rose Salon Branches at or call direct on Khalifa City +971 2 583 2065, Marasy +971 2 449 5001, Saadiyat +971 2 564 7746

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