Jack Howard Joins Fundraising Committee for HABB

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Just before Christmas I was humbled to be offered a position on the fundraising committee for HABB and give back to a community who have been so supportive of me over my career. What’s HABB? You might say. Well it’s the Hair and Beauty Benevolent Fund, set up specifically to help individuals and their families in our industry since 1853.

For an industry that’s based on making people feel beautiful and youthful, the thought of illness or disability is rarely associated with those who make it happen. HAAB receives over 300 applications every year and can always be relied upon to help those who need it the most.

As an industry we are committed to our charity work and there are so many charities pulling at our heartstrings and so many in need, but HABB needs you! We need your help in raising funds so that we can help people in our very own hairdressing community.

I’ve just put a HABB donation box in the staff room at Paul Edmonds; it’s a simple way of raising some money and I’d love it if this were the case in every salon. Maybe you could do a ‘donate a tip’ day or any other way your salon can think of to raise money. We can’t do it without your help. It’s not all doom and gloom though - £400 was all that was needed to get a kit bag together for a young man who had been kicked out of his home by his parents, leaving him with nothing. That kit bag allowed him to keep working and get on with his life.

If every salon in the UK did something as small as a donation box, think how much good work could be done in our community of talented people. For many people, contributing to HABB is a way of giving something back to the industry that has been so good to them. For others, it’s the realisation that success can be fleeting and unexpected events can completely change your circumstances. What matters is that you’re involved and that you’re playing your part in helping HABB help as many people as possible. We need £150k a year to meet our existing commitments to beneficiaries and to take new requests for assistance on board.

This year we are going to be out and about in as many ways as we can, asking for money. Expect to see me alongside the rest of the committee with buckets taking part in as many fun and interesting ways to make money as we can.

Jack Howard

Jack Howard (www.jackhoward.co.uk) at Paul Edmonds London (www.pauledmonds.com)
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