Jack Howard One-To-One Balayage Education Attracts International Delegates

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Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds, international hair colourist to the likes of Gillian Anderson, Poppy Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse, is attracting overseas delegates for one-to-one Balayage education in London.

This week saw Casey Chua fly in from Singapore to spend a day with Jack at Paul Edmonds learning the technique in a one-to-one situation, meaning he had Jack’s full attention for the seminar. Casey was referred by an American colourist who had recently done the same thing. Says Jack,

I’m used to having new clients fly in from overseas when they read about me in the press, but it’s really exciting to find technicians wanting to come over to learn Balayage like this. We did the morning demo then two applications on dolls heads; the first was my signature classic Balayage and the second was a creative Balayage. It’s obviously more expensive to book a one-to-one class, but the individual has an intense learning experience focused on them for the whole day, and with Balayage becoming such a staple, I can see why this is an attractive introduction.

Jack is also taking his class on the road worldwide to show other hairdressers how to address issues such as overly highlighted hair in real life salon situations.

Widely recognized as one of the most accomplished authorities on Balayage, Jack’s philosophy is to offer the client beautiful hair that doesn’t compromise on condition. Jack shows salons how to actually increase their colour revenue and customer loyalty through giving the client a quicker service and lower maintenance repeat visits.

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