Jack Howard Takes the Balayage Revolution to Denmark

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Jack Howard at Paul Edmonds, international hair colourist to the likes of Gillian Anderson, Poppy Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse, has taken his Balayage Revolution course overseas to Denmark for the first time.

Jack said,

It was a great two days in Denmark. What the team wanted from me was to show them how to achieve Balayage when a client comes in with overly highlighted hair. My model for the day was a total salon nightmare – she had coloured her hair black at home and really wanted to achieve the glossy colour of Khloe Kardashian.

The first hairdresser she went to had pre-lightened the ends to orange, then another hairdresser had highlighted to the result you can see in the picture, obviously nothing like what the model had wanted before she came to this salon. The salon owner explained to me that she faces this with clients every day and wanted her to team to know how to start each client on their Balayage journey. It was an incredibly fun day with the team.

Jack is now taking his class on the road worldwide to show other hairdressers how to address issues such as overly highlighted hair in real life salon situations. Widely recognized as one of the most accomplished authorities on Balayage, Jack’s philosophy is to offer the client beautiful hair that doesn’t compromise on condition.

Jack shows salons how to actually increase their colour revenue and customer loyalty through giving the client a quicker service and lower maintenance repeat visits.

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