Jason Hall Closes Edinburgh International Fashion Festival With Crave

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The close of the 3rd Edinburgh International Fashion Festival, on July 23rd, was highly anticipated with the launch of Crave Collections. Jason Hall and his team created hair to match the Jacob Birge, Obscure Couture and Saunt & Sinner capsule collections that made up the project.

This collective of incredibly talented and young Scottish designers cranked up the design stakes creating collections that explored luxury materials, an ideal from the founders of the project.

With an audience of both press and investors, the presentation had the feel of an illegal rave, or equaled to an impromptu piece of performance art.  Edinburgh’s Ocean Terminal was framed with blowing graffiti sheets and drinks sipped from plastic glasses. Jason Hall said,

The Edinburgh International Fashion Festival is growing with great momentum year on year and it’s a pleasure to be involved each year.  This particular event was the highlight of the few days for me.  The hair look was designed to reflect childhood abandonment.

For more information on Jason Hall visit jasonhallhairdressing.com and for the Edinburgh International Fashion Festival visit edinburghinternationalfashionfestival.com

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