Jason Hall Treats Salon Team to a Private Film Viewing

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All successful salon owners know how important good education and direction is when running a salon. However, showing appreciation for employees often goes amiss – not in Jason Hall’s case.

Jason hall of Jason Hall Hairdressing, Edinburgh invited his salon team to the luxury ‘Red Star’ screen room at the local Dominion Cinema to discuss good salon service.

Arriving at the cinema, the team waited patiently for Jason to begin his discussion, but Jason had other plans. As the lights dimmed in the screen room, cinema attendants appeared carrying bottles of champagne, boxes of popcorn and hot dogs for all the team to enjoy whilst they watched a private viewing of the film, ‘You Don’t Mess with the Zohan’.

Salon owner, Jason Hall stated,

It’s essential to thank your team for their work and this was the ultimate surprise for them. It was worth it just for the look on their faces.

Salon Coordinator, Mia Stronach spoke of the surprise by saying,

An incredible surprise, everyone really enjoyed the film, we all felt very special.

Once the film had ended Jason thanked his team for all their hard work and for sharing his vision of great service.

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