Karine Jackson Launches Sustainable Highlights Technique

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Karine Jackson’s Covent Garden salon is the home of organic and Vegan hairdressing, where the talented team of stylists and top colourists use ethically sourced, luxury products. The first Certified Sustainable salon in London, Karine has now launched her new Sustainable Highlights colouring technique (£58- £190), offering beautiful ethical hair colour.

The Colour

Organic Colour Systems uses naturally derived ingredients that are kind and nurturing to the hair and give incredible colour results, achieved using a maximum amount of certified organic ingredients, and the minimum amount of chemicals. Contains the lowest percentage of PPD’s in order to significantly reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Made in Hampshire, the brand is the first professional hair company in the world to produce colour bottles and caps made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR).

The Foils

The beauty industry is one of the largest producers of aluminium waste – the average salon uses around 2km of tin foil a month. Karine uses Paper Not Foil, to stop the abundance of tin foil ending up in landfill, where it can take up to 400 years to degrade. This innovative new product is a sustainable alternative to foil that can be washed and re-used two or three times (we know – magic!) before biodegrading into dust without creating toxic waste. The production of it uses 96% less energy than the manufacturing of foil.

The Extras

Vegan refreshments include non-dairy milks for tea and coffee and delicious cookies.

The Salon
  • Uses Easydry towels instead of cotton towels. These reduce the amount of water consumed (typically 60,000 litres per 4 stylist hair salon every year) and reduce the amount of plastic particles that enter the ocean. Made from 100% natural fibres that don’t contain any plastic, the towels are FSC certified which proves the entire supply chain is ethical and sustainable; they arrive packed in 100% compostable and biodegradable bags (with the OK Compost mark), in FSC cardboard boxes AND they ship on recycled cardboard pallets.
  • Is single-use plastic free. Staff are banned from bringing in single use water bottles or coffee cups; the salon uses Who Gives A Crap toilet roll and tissues and retails useful products from the Plastic-Free shelf.
  • Is a refill station for both shampoos and conditioners AND Ecover cleaning products. Karine couldn’t find anywhere locally to refill her own cleaning products so now the salon offers a refill service for anyone in the area!
  • Eschews cut flowers in favour of living plants in the salon’s mini garden.
  • Specialises in colour and has won a number of awards including London Hairdresser of the Year.

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