Keep Tattoos Looking Fresh and Defined with Electric Ink

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When your body is a canvas and tattoos are your artwork, it’s important to take care of them. With Electric Ink Skincare, tattoo and skincare couldn’t be easier - their specialist products are packed with ingredients that keep skin looking nourished and tattoos looking fresh and vibrant.

Want rid of tired eyes, dry skin, and blemishes? Take care of your skin with the Daily Moisturiser from Electric Ink. With various elements including pollution and air con all helping to rob skin of essential moisture, and with dry skin more susceptible to premature ageing, applying a daily cream will make your skin look and feel better. What makes Electric Ink stand out from the crowd is its ability to help protect, preserve and define tattoos, all whilst hydrating your skin!

Protect ink and keep it looking sharp with this Daily Moisturizer from Electric Ink. In a fresh, natural scent made in the UK with ingredients that nourish and protect skin with UVA/UVB filters, Liftonin-Xpert™, inca inchi oil, vitamin E and coconut oil.

Make your mark with Electric Ink's line of tattoo care made from vegan-friendly ingredients that preserve and protect your ink. Created by experts and tattoo enthusiasts for a specially formulated range of moisturizers, serums and oils that keep your ink looking like new and your skin feeling constantly hydrated.

Electric Ink Skincare makes looking after your tattoos as easy as looking after the rest of you.

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