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This year Kent Brushes have partnered with Breast Cancer Haven and created a hairbrush that is perfect for people going through chemotherapy – the Special Edition Breast Cancer Haven PF06 brush. This brush is made from beautiful beechwood and pure bristles and has the Breast Cancer Haven logo inscribed on the brush head. Priced at £10, £1 of every brush sold is donated to Breast Cancer Haven.

Kent wanted to create a hairbrush that would help with retaining or regrowing hair for people undergoing or recovering from chemo and to then sell the product to support a breast cancer charity. After discovering Breast Cancer Haven and their free emotional, physical and practical breast cancer support services, a partnership with this charity seemed the perfect fit. The Special Edition Breast Cancer Haven brush was created using pure bristles because it is the gentlest way to brush hair, especially hair that is thinning, damaged or just starting to regrow. It minimises any breakages and helps distribute the natural oil (sebum) from the root to the tip – thus conditioning your hair without the need for products.
Here's some science behind choosing the right brush…

Like a chef choosing the right knife for the right job, choosing the right hairbrush should be just as carefully thought through! Using the right hairbrush for your hair type is the secret to gorgeous, shiny locks.

Did you know, other than the primary function of brushing or styling hair, hair brushing serves several other important purposes?! Brushing your hair also cleans and massages the scalp and stimulates the release of a beneficial oil called sebum. Here’s how it works:

  • Sebum is released by the sebaceous gland at the base of the hair follicle as a result of the gentle hair tugging action caused by brushing.
  • Brushing the hair cleans the hair shaft, follicle, and scalp by removing trapped scale, dirt and oils.
  • Brushing also distributes the sebum, coating, lubricating and protecting the hair shaft - resulting in a healthy glow or sheen and soft flexible hair.
  • Because sebum protects and moisturises, regular bushing results in hair that is healthier, more manageable and easier to style.

The natural bristles in the Kent brushes are especially good at this. Because each bristle is scaly in texture rather than smooth like the synthetic material, it is an extremely effective material for cleaning the hair shaft, follicle and scalp, and distributing sebum along the hair shaft. The bristles go either side of the hair strand and the downward motion of brushing means each single strand is cleansed of dirt, dust and other products creating a shine which is impossible with a plastic or nylon brush.The action of the bristle on the hairs shaft smooths the hair ‘scales’ so they lie in the same direction leaving the finished hair shiny and silky looking.

It is important to find the right brush with the right mix of strengths and bristle alignments, to suit your hair type. For people with thin or thinning hair, using a hairbrush packed with too many bristles or with overly stiff bristles can apply too much tension to the hair, pulling and removing healthy hair. Equally, while natural bristles are an excellent choice for nearly all hair types, people with very thick or very curly hair may find a pure bristle product to be a bit too soft to penetrate the hair mass and contact the scalp. If this is you, Kent recommends a blend of natural bristle and nylon. For fine or thinning hair, the Kent Brush Classic Shine range or the LS9D brush is best for you, and if your hair is neither curly nor thinning then the Finest range of hairbrushes, including the LS17, is best.

The Breast Cancer Haven brush is available to purchase for £10.00, with £1.00 being donated to Breast Cancer Haven for every brush sold on the Kent Brushes website.

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