Keratin Complex Color Therapy Arrives In London

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Showcasing the superb results that Keratin Complex can achieve in front of the leading lights of the hairdressing industry was a thrilling experience for Deborah Gavin, the international artistic director for Colour Therapy, by Keratin Complex.

Her stunning presentation at UNITE’s Global Session in London was one of the highlights of the glamorous event, using videos, music and models to bring the fabulous keratin concepts to life on stage. Deborah said,

I had the support of everyone as I ‘coloured in’ the stage, showing a 1950’s pin-up shape in alternating violet reds to create movement, a 1970’s bob line enhanced with varying light play in reflections of red, futuristic silver with metallic influences to share a few looks.

When I was asked to join the UNITE show and present Keratin Complex on stage, I was honoured and thrilled. I had the pleasure of working with the amazing London team last spring. I was not only excited to work with the team again, but to be on stage among international UNITE artists was inspiration by itself.

When I think of UNITE’s work, I think of beautifully-crafted shapes, whether in their session work, the catwalk, everywhere you see the brand. Our two cultures have similar philosophies, passion and artistry so it was a perfect pairing.

We created a play on hair through the decades, how Keratin Complex technology and shades would, and do, enhance those designs and influence everything we do in the salon. The next day's segment was filled with the future of hair colour - predictions, design elements and ‘what ifs.

Every minute, from the parties, networking events and backstage prep with like-minded artists was inspiring. It's an experience that I will carry with me and I look forward to the opportunities that come from it for all who were there. A huge thank you to both Unite and Keratin Complex as #UniteWithKC came to life.

Keratin Complex Color Therapy has revolutionised the professional hair colour industry by incorporating proven keratin technology into the hair colouring process. Keratin helps to reduce the porosity in damaged hair. The keratin and other beneficial ingredients contribute smoothness, strength, shine and longevity to the end colour result.

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