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Cheryl Bryson of Bryson & Hare, Scotland has unveiled her new debut collection - Living Cool Hare.

Check out our interview with Cheryl below on what the inspiration was for Living Cool Hare and where she gets her creativity from...

Hi Cheryl, tell us what the inspiration was behind your debut collection?

"I took my inspiration from the 70s and denim fabric. 70's styling was inoffensive, exposing everyone’s individual beauty. Denim is a material that is made from an organic cotton plant that is harmless to any age, any gender and decade."

Describe your creative process to me?

"Given my inspiration, I researched the process of denim, how it is woven from cotton, sewing, and its dyeing process. Because it’s made from cotton, a natural product, this reminded me of how we colour hair. Each hair has to be taken as an individual, exposing its own hues because of how it is naturally made up. The woven fabric and how it is cut is how I see hair. I wanted the hair itself to tell its own hip adventures. Frayed edges and worn textures,  and my aim was to create this with razor cutting. Razor craft allows the hair to roam and for it to be seen for its true self."

Hair: Cheryl Bryson @ Bryson & Hare, Scotland
Photography: Paul McGugan @paulfrancismcgugan
Makeup Artist: Karen Bowen @karenbowenmakeup
Stylist: Ian Todd @stylisttod

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