Lizzy Tucker of Lady PJ's Joins The Trailblazers

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Lizzy Tucker of Lady PJ's has been asked to become part of the next wave of government apprenticeships called 'Trailblazers', a group that is made up of hairdressers, barbers and beauty salons and are at the forefront of helping to map out the future of apprenticeship training.

The National Hairdressers Federation, whom Lizzy is a member of, handpicked the participants from salons who have the necessary skills and enthusiasm for the job and are seen to be at the top of their game.

Trailblazers are a key element of the government's ambitions to develop and introduce new structures for apprenticeships during 2015/16 and 2016/17. This will provide all those within the hair and beauty industry to create relevant apprenticeships ensuring that apprentices have the basic skills that they require, therefore making them considerably more employable.

This is the second round of Trailblazers, the first covering eight different sectors such as aerospace, financial services and energy. At her salon, Lizzy has employed apprentices for many years and has grown from her initial business of PJ's Barber Shop into opening Lady PJ's a few years later and subsequently Krazy Kids, Bristol's leading children's salon.

A humble and self depreciating person, Lizzy spends much of her time arranging charitable events for local causes including the Children's Hospice (South West), and has involved herself in this new government enterprise solely for the good of the industry.

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