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Returning for the fifth year, Richard Ashforth’s NOISE took over the Institute of Contemporary Arts on Pall Mall, bringing its edgy, underground hairdressing vibe to the Queen’s neighbourhood!

NOISE was created to share knowledge, passion and inspiration, connecting the viewer to the performer with more of a ‘pop up’ feel rather than a formally staged show, pushing the hairdressing industry forward and taking creativity to a whole new level. The last minute announcements of artists and venue purely on social media give the whole event an ‘unexpected feel’, as much for the audience as for the artists!

The rules of NOISE are simple, says founder Richard Ashforth,

15 minutes of whatever the F*@k you want, as long as it includes some hair!

The SACO team kicked off the proceedings with their three striking colour models ensconced in huge branded jumpsuits, before the team finished off their SACO signature textured pixie crops live on stage. Polish team Jaga Huplo then brought their models to the stage (complete with NOISE hair wefts covering their faces), cutting the hair to create an exaggerated ‘hair helmet’ before removing these to reveal completely different looks underneath! New headpieces were then added again to change the look once more.

Returning to the NOISE stage this year, session stylist Tyler Johnson created a jagged pixie crop to enhance the cool, dirty blonde of his model’s hair, with a short, sharp bob and jagged fringe cut into his other model – both with cartoon cut out lips and heavy eyebrows. Croation team Zgat then took over the stage creating their signature style of powerful balances and clean lines with a beautiful, deep pink, razor sharp crop on one model, balanced with a beautifully shiny, clean blonde asymmetric bob on the other.

Mark Anderson and the Creademic team from Copenhagen then brought their models to the stage wearing neon visors and strategically placed NOISE tape to showcase their Rebel collection. With the visors lifted, three pastel coloured bobs were revealed, which were then chopped and razored for a dramatic finish.

The eagerly anticipated entrance of Spanish team and NOISE regulars, Xpresion, then followed, bringing with it the theatre and spectacle this team are renowned for. Presenting their Pollution collection, two models appeared on stage before the team joined them and ‘dressed down’ their hair, backcombing, slicing and pinning. The finale of Xpresion’s show saw a male model appear on the stage where the team painted and sprinkled ash over his hair before he produced dry ice from his collar!

Closing the show, NOISE stalwart and industry legend, Tim Hartley presented with his usual artistic flair and created his signature beautiful looks on different models to the norm. A beautiful blonde perm looked incredible on his male model, while an elegant mature model arrived on the stage with an incredible pink hue, which was chopped and undercut to an asymmetric, short bob live on stage.

Of the event, organiser Richard Ashforth said,

It was incredible! The very exclusive and special venue added to the electric vibe of the night, and the amazing teams we had this year created such a buzz. The night was a complete sell out – we even had to turn people away – get there early next year so you don’t miss out!

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