Matrix Instacure Spray Answers to Hair Health Needs

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Hair damage is a major concern for clients, but with so many products to choose from all making similar claims and promises, restoring hair health can be an overwhelming task.

Matrix has the answer in the form of its hero product, Instacure Porosity Spray - now available, for the first time, in a 200ml retail size, so that hair repair can continue at home as well as the salon.

Hair health and repair is a concern for 94% of clients* and 96% of women** worried about their hair health will purchase a specialist moisture or repair product to use as part of a homecare regime. This represents a major retail opportunity for salons and freelance stylists.

Repair and moisture products account for 37% of the haircare market, but this over-saturation can make the decision process for consumers a tough one. With Instacure Spray, hair professionals and their clients have the answer to all their hair repair needs in one product.

Instacure Spray is designed to target porosity in the hair, while detangling and smoothing the cuticle. This miracle product also helps balance PH and tame frizz. Whatever the client’s needs or hair type, Instacure Spray has the solution.

Instacure Spray is already a firm favourite with hair professionals as it’s the perfect leave-in treatment to use before and after chemical services, or as a styling product to help protect hair, restore health and shine.

Matrix encourages all hair professionals to use Instacure Spray on every client during every service, thereby addressing client concerns over hair repair and helping to delight them during every visit.

And now, with Instacure Spray is available for clients to take home, hair heath and repair can continue between visits to a hair pro. Instacure Spray is the additional product alongside the Total Results Instacure Shampoo and Instacure Conditioner.

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