Matrix Sponsors Hairstylist at Goodwood

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Matrix Artist Ambassador, Carol Ritchie, joined race goers and lovers of vintage fashion at the Goodwood Revival festival over the weekend, creating vintage styling to festival goers who wanted to hark back to the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.

Carol worked in the popular Betty’s salon on Richmond Lawn and created a whole host of vintage hairstyles over the three-day event. Carol, who was sponsored by Matrix and used Style Link Shape Fixer, Volume Fixer Hairspray, Amplify Dry Shampoo and Velvetiser Laminator to hold the hair in place, said it was great to be back amongst the enthusiasts.

I’ve worked at Goodwood before and really missed it last year when it was cancelled because of Covid. This year it was dry styling only, and we saw lots of people who were coming into the salon for their victory rolls. It was hard work but there was an incredible atmosphere, and it was a lot of fun.

My day started at 7am and we didn’t finish until 6pm, we had lots of VIPS for the Duke’s Ball, as well as one of the DJs before her set. It was great to see everyone dressed up and for some people it was a dream come true to get their hair done at the Betty’s salon. One customer got emotional as she had such a tough year and always wanted to get dressed up and get victory rolls, so it meant a lot to a lot of people.

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