milk_shake Launch Stunning New Collection for Autumn 2016

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milk_shake, along with Italian parent company Z.One Concept, unveiled their stunning new collection for autumn 2016. Essential lines, geometric cuts and monochromatic colours are accentuated in the new Allure collection.

The hairstyles are integrated into the complete look of a woman who knows what she wants. The collection of styles creates stability in the haircuts and shapes to enhance the colour, becoming a fundamental part of this collection to create a new evolution of lines, directions and movements.

Hotline Pink

Multiple colour formulas of milk_shake Smoothies semi-permanent colours are applied using an alternating technique, utilizing three different colours which enhance the three-dimensionality of the shape, giving softness and movement to the hair.

V- Balayage

milk_shake semi-permanent colour is applied, then using the v-pattern technique, Light10 White is placed over the top which is then toned and softened with milk_shake Direct Colour in Golden Blonde, creating a blended fusion with defined movement.

Coffee Mix

Dividing the hair into six diamond-shaped sections and using multiple milk_shake creative permanent colours creates a mix of brown shades, which through a rhomboidal geometry, creates a new colour synergy with a modern end-result.

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