milk_shake’s Shelley Pengilly is Avant-Garde Global Finalist

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milk_shake ambassador, Shelley Pengilly was a finalist for the International Visionary Awards 2016 at the Alternative Hair Show, held on the 16th October at The Royal Albert Hall, London.

Shelley’s ingenious and stunning look was created using milk_shake Conditioning Direct Colours, which produced an intense result that was both beautiful to see and fabulous to feel.

To create my entry I used milk_shake Direct Colour in an unusual way! I needed to use the product on a much grander scale to colour all my hair pieces, so for the first time I immersed the hair in buckets of Direct Colour diluted in water. This meant that I didn’t have to worry about my application and got completely even results.

milk_shake Direct Colour is an innovative and delicate cosmetic direct colouring, for easy reflex colour services that solves technical colour situations.

Shelley loves the milk_shake Direct Colour range, and with her passion, drive, technical and creative knowledge, Shelley has become the true UK ambassador of milk_shake Conditioning Direct Colours.

Everyone at milk_shake was very proud to boast that their milk_shake girl was a global finalist for the International Visionary Awards 2016!

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