Mindful Oil & Water Therapy

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New Sanatio Naturalis started with a deep desire and a mission to share therapeutic grade, guaranteed pure high quality essential oils, floral waters and beauty oils. Essentially luxurious, Sanatio Naturalis uses ancient methods to help improve the skin’s quality and health, as well as feelings of wellbeing.

Holistic beauty secrets of plants have been passed down from generation to generation, and this inspired the Latin name, Sanatio Naturalis - ‘the healing power of nature’. Having established for herself the incredible benefits that can be obtained from using precious, unadulterated pure grade therapeutic essential oils and waters, as the ancient Greeks did for their medicinal properties as early as the eleventh century, the founder of Sanatio Naturalis - Valerie Ruonan Shi - set out to make her mission a reality.

Sourcing only the highest quality ingredients, the pure natural skincare range of gently distilled therapeutic unadulterated oils and waters are made with essential oils, floral waters and pure natural carrier oils. This commitment to high quality ingredients ensures that consumers and therapists alike can be assured that they are only using pure grade luxury oils and waters, which will help to promote beautiful skin, ultimate health and wellbeing, as well as an uplifting experience for themselves and their families.

All Sanatio Naturalis products can be purchased directly from sanationaturalis.com

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